Professional coaching

Professional coaching is the support of people for the development of their potential and their know-how within the framework of professional objectives.
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Brigitte Massonnat

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Brigitte Massonnat

Professional coach

You are going through a professional or personal transition, you are experiencing relational difficulties, you may be hypersensitive and are experiencing emotional ups and downs that are sometimes difficult to manage, you want to assert yourself, dare more and deploy yourself...? I offer you a space to experience other possibilities.

My practice is based on Gestalt*, artistic productions (clay, collages, pastels...) and body movements that allow to release mental representations, to develop sensory and emotional capacities and to inscribe transformations in depth.

* Gestalt emphasizes awareness of the process taking place in the here and now of each situation; it supports the sense of responsibility and restores emotional feeling. It develops a holistic perspective of the human being by integrating five main dimensions: bodily (sensations, movements), affective (emotions), intellectual, social and spiritual.

‶Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.″ - Oscar Wilde

As a professional coach and plastic artist, my goal is to accompany people in a practice based mainly on living experience: slowing down to feel better, developing self-awareness and promoting authentic contact with others.

Rather than lingering on the ‶why″ of a difficulty, we will look, in the here and now of the session, ‶how″ your inner movement spreads out in contact with the environment. In this way, we will be able to highlight your resources, identify impediments, model, co-create new contact modalities to learn to do things differently, get out of painful situations that repeat sometimes, and take care of your inner light.

For further information or to book please contact:
Phone/ Whatsapp: +33 6 76 41 21 10

I was trained in coaching at CIFFOP (University Paris 2 Panthéon Assas), at EPOKE, la Gestalt pour l’entreprise, and at the Institut Français de Formation Psychocorporel. I also did internships at the INECAT (care through the arts), and a MBTI certification.
I am regularly supervised and a member of the FPGT (Fédération des Professionnels de la Gestalt Thérapie) whose code of ethics I adhere to.



La neuropédagogie est l’accompagnement des enfants, jeunes et adultes dans la découverte de leur fonctionnement mental afin de leur permettre de trouver leurs propres moyens d’atteindre leurs objectifs scolaires, professionnels ou personnels.

La neuropédagogie s’adresse :
- Aux élèves, étudiants qui souhaitent mieux se concentrer, appréhender leurs cours ou réfléchir, s’organiser afin de devenir plus efficace et retrouver leur confiance en eux.
- Aux adultes qui souhaitent améliorer leur concentration, leur mémoire ou gagner en créativité mais aussi s’organiser, prendre des décisions et ainsi mieux gérer leur stress.

Ma pratique, basée sur le dialogue*, s’appuie principalement sur la gestion mentale ou « pédagogie de la réussite » et sur la neuroéducation qui, grâce aux découvertes récentes sur
le fonctionnement du cerveau d’un apprenant, propose des stratégies d’apprentissages efficaces.

Ensemble, nous partons de vos réussites et centres d’intérêts pour découvrir vos stratégies de réussite et celles qui fonctionnent moins bien.
Nous cheminons ensemble afin de déterminer votre propre fonctionnement mental, vous permettant de donner du sens et d’atteindre vos objectifs, de devenir plus efficace et de mieux communiquer.

Orthopédagogue*, formée à la gestion mentale (IF Paris, Déclic) et à la neuroéducation (Steeve Masson), je participe régulièrement à des séminaires sur les nouvelles découvertes
dans ces deux disciplines.