Photo source: Portrait of Thouin (André) Lithograph by Boilly, 1822.


André Thouin

André Thouin was a French botanist and agronomist, famous for his role at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Born in Paris on February 10, 1747, he was the son of Jean-André Thouin and the brother of Gabriel Thouin. He learned botany from Bernard de Jussieu and succeeded his father as head gardener of the Jardin du Roi at the age of 17, thanks to Buffon. A contributor to the Encyclopédie and member of the Académie des Sciences from 1786, he played an active role during the Revolution, inventorying the botanical gardens of Paris owned by nobles and other deposed dignitaries.

In 1793, he became Professor of Agriculture and Culture at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle. As part of his duties at this institution, he organized plant exchanges with other botanical gardens and private individuals in France and many other countries, enriching the gardens with over 6,000 new species. Under his tutelage, the Jardin des Plantes became the richest botanical garden in the world. He died in Paris on October 27, 1824.

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