The brand Cultura Orquídea, a vision of art, nature and well-being was born as a result of a field experiment around orchids living in the wild in the different ecosystems of Colombia, co-directed by Claudia Isabel Navas and the scientific team of the National Museum of Natural History in 2017. More than 1500 kms have been traveled in the different altitudes of the Andes Mountains observing and studying the complexity of the mechanisms used by orchids to exist in harmony with their environment.

"This symbiosis made me think of the adaptability and malleability that human beings also show when they have to confront different trials and/or environments in the course of their lives. The memory of my mother and the way in which she was able to touch the lives of others during their exchanges, however brief those moments may have been, inspired me to bring together under a single banner a series of disciplines aimed at creation, mutual aid and human support". Claudia Isabel Navas.

Cultura Orquídea is authorised to welcome nature, well-being and art professionals. We welcome artists, designers and creators, craftspeople, scientific experts in the natural or food sciences, practitioners of therapeutic care or any other practice that improves the physical, mental and psychological well-being of human beings.

The appointments can be individual (in work and care spaces) or collective, for exhibitions, conferences, concerts, body expression or art workshops or any other cultural activity for adults and/or children.