Art therapy

L’art-thérapie est une méthode visant à utiliser le potentiel d'expression artistique et la créativité d'une personne à des fins psychothérapeutiques ou de développement personnel.

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Khadidja Bakki

Khadidja Bakki

Introduction to Coaching
In 1999, following an emotional shock, Khadidja Bakki's life was turned upside down, as was her tangible reality. In contact with her "inner child" and during some striking dreamlike initiatory journeys, she finally became aware of a new orientation of her destiny. Confronted with cases of cancer in her close entourage, she naturally began to relieve and help people, some of whom were at the end of their lives. Thus, in 2003, "chance" led her to Professor David Machover's oncology department at Villejuif Hospital, where she could officially work as a beauty technician in the field of health and social. Her wellness treatments, including various methods such as her energetic treatments, were very well received by patients and caregivers, who were delighted to have access to such a life-saving wellness experience. Strengthened by this experience, she left the hospital of Villejuif invigorated and her destiny guided her towards the meetings that will allow her to establish her vocation as a therapeutic consultant in emotion management. The therapy, which brings together several tools, including the effectiveness of the Vibratory Energetic Care through the Speaking, can be done on the physical body as well as on the emotional and mental body.

Emotion management, introduction to coaching by art therapy

"Know thyself, no one does evil deliberately".
Read on a temple in Delphi

Khadija was greatly inspired by this psycho-spirituality coming from ancient Greece, starting from the principle that "it is by living more and more in one's body that one is less in the mind and more in the present, avoiding projecting oneself into the future, ruminating about the past, having illusions and regrets. In this way, our choices are ours and we no longer repeat our old patterns".

Price: 70 euros / hour
Consultation in French

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Khadidja Bakki

Art therapist
Sophie GALITZINE is a masseuse and an art therapist, through dance, drama, writing and drawing. She mainly assists women individually and in groups, in Paris in the 7th district and in residence in retreat places close to nature. Using these two tools: art therapy and parent- baby massage with warm oils, she focuses her approach on working on the body and emotions. Music, silence, touch, movement and creativity are at the heart of her practice. In a secure and benevolent atmosphere.

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Portable : 07 60 14 10 85
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