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Le développement personnel a pour objectif l'amélioration de la connaissance de soi, la valorisation de ses talents et potentiels, l'amélioration de sa qualité de vie personnelle, la réalisation de ses aspirations et de ses rêves.

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Anne Ray Wendling

Anne Ray Wendling


Trained as a numerologist, Anne Ray Wendling uses her knowledge of numerology to help people move forward depending on the dead end or the difficulty in which it is faced. This may be when making a professional or personal choice… the numbers inscribed in each person's birth charts reveal the character traits of each person and each destiny.


                        PROGRAM for TUESDAY 12 January 2021

LESSONS from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

1 History of NUMEROLOGY

2 The SECRETS of the 9 NUMBERS that run your lives

3 The calculation of your life path revealed by your date of birth

4 What will you experience in 2021?

PS Don't forget to bring the birthdates of those you love.

Please book directly by sending a deposit of 30 € to the following address:
Check in the name of Anne Ray Wendling
Cultura Orquidea, 9, cité de l’Alma, 75007 Paris

For further information or to book:
Phone / Whatsapp: +33 6 76 41 21 10

The balance, 70 €, will be payable on the day of the session.
Session price: 100 €