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Ania Freindorf

Ania Freindorf is a Photographer and Alpinist from Poland. She is passionate
about glaciers so she has begun an expedition which has set her
through seven continents in order to document these giants of ice which
will much likely disappear within the next twenty years. Her work has been shown at the 6ème Biennale des Beaux-Arts et de la Photographie Documentaire – FotoNostrum, Barcelone, Spain. Her work was awarded with the Mention Honorable, Section Professionnelle, Beaux-Arts au 15ème Prix Julia Margaret Cameron.

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« Naked Glaciers » is a visual Expedition on all seven continents. Traveling through the labyrinth of ice, inside crevasses, to catch the nature of their forms, the frightening depth of their fissures and out of space unbelievable allure. After twenty years of working as a Photographer, Filmmaker and Artist I developed « Humanus », a photo/artistic project where the subjects were naked men. The work consisted on appreciating and discovering the diversity, the beauty and the ugliness of the human form. Today I found myself in a place where the Glaciers take all my attention, as I considers that their existence is
essential for our proper survival. This project is a way of documenting disappearance of these giants made of ice and also a way to transmit to future generations their beauty and their importance. In the wake of current pandemic, respect of the nature is even more valuable.