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Hervé Quenolle

Hervé Quenolle is a French painter, born in 1955. He sees painting as a field of perpetual transformation. It is in an attempt to renew his modus operandi that he generally dispenses with brushes. Whether he's superimposing the layering of his memories by printing them on glass (Rétroviseur, 1990-99), watching for the emergence of the motif through shrinkage in his trickle paintings (Embryogenèse, 2000-04) or seeking to mutate it by dissolving oil-painted flowers on X-rays of the human body (Os-pétale, 1999-2007), the central question in his work is always to question the phenomena of appearance and disappearance of the pictorial layer. For some years now, he has been using it as a skin. His most recent series, presented at Galerie Samy Kinge and Deyrolle in Paris (Nuits noires / Nuits blanches, 2022), renews the method he developed and presented at the Yves Klein Archives and Galerie Samy Kinge (Tableaux-écorchés, 2015), then in Sèvres at the Musée national de Céramique (2017-18) in the "L'Orgie des rouges" section of the "L'Expérience de la couleur" exhibition (curated by Christine Germain-Donnat and Frédéric Bodet).