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Claudia Isabel Navas

Claudia Isabel Navas was born in Colombia. Videographer and curator, she has developed various exhibitions, all linked to nature, in venues such as the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Tudor Place, Hôtel de Ville de Paris and the Institut de France. Her projects have received the 2005 Quality Label Award from UNESCO's International Fund for the Promotion of Culture, the Media Major Grant from the Illinois Humanities Council and the US National Endowment for the Humanities. Today, after 13 years of managing and producing transdisciplinary and multiform projects, Claudia Isabel has created her own space and brand "Cultura Orquídea", an achievement that brings together all the professional experience she has acquired throughout her life. Recently, she published two books on the legacy of Humboldt and Bonpland to science: L'Herbier poétique (2018, Ed. Anne Rideau and Enlaces Artísticos) and Les Impressions de plantes (2019, Ed. Bibliothèque de l'Institut de France, Anne Rideau and Enlaces Artísticos).

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