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Séverine Perraudin

Séverine Perraudin was born in the 60s. She began designing women's clothing in 1989 when she collaborated with Rosita Missoni, focusing on color and Rachel's stitch coordination. A little earlier, she had won the DEFI Award for promising young designers, with the success of a best-seller top with a crossed décolleté.
A few years later, she continued her success by opening her own boutique on Place Saint-Sulpice in Paris. In particular, she developed an still unexplored concept: the light superposition of tulle on silk by playing with the superposition of colors.
Séverine Perraudin's customers included such prestigious stores as Barneys in New York and Le Bon Marché and Le Printemps in Paris. Her clothes have also been distributed in some of the most beautiful boutiques in Japan and other European capitals.
September 11, 2001 had a decisive impact on her career.
Since then, Séverine Perraudin has had the opportunity to work closely with cashmere factories in Mongolia, a guarantee of remarkable quality. She sells her creations through a private network of selected clients. At the same time, she started a career as a freelance designer for numerous brands.
With Cultura Orquídea, Séverine Perraudin sees an opportunity to expand the market of cashmere stitch and Baby Alpaca stitch. This, with both an online presence, a customer follow up and a cashmere stitch maintenance recommendation service.
The added value of Séverine Perraudin's experience and the expertise of the selected factories in Mongolia and Peru are an opportunity to capitalize on the quality of the raw materials and the creation of unique pieces manufactured in limited series.

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