Art & Therapy

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Art therapy

Help each person to use their potential for artistic expression and creativity for psychotherapeutic or personal development purposes.

Professional coaching

Support each person for the development of their potential and their know-how within the framework of professional objectives.


Improve self-knowledge, enhance talents and potential, improve the quality of personal life, achieve aspirations and dreams.  

Our Professionals


Claudia Isabel Navas


Within the scope of her aromatherapy project, Claudia Isabel Navas has joined the team of the Just laboratory and is training in the benefits of plants as a wellness and beauty advisor at Just. She also proposes workshops for children on Communication skilss and non verbal communication around the creation and the meanins of Masks in Western and Non-Western civilisations.

Hélène Hébrard

Vocal coach – singing voice

Hélène Hébrard, mezzo-soprano in training at the Richard Cross School, is a vocal coach in singing (amplified music) and speaking voice. She also offers workshops for children and adults to work on self-confidence and talk in front of others, to express one's deepest emotions.

Lucie Yasuko Bourdin

Suzuki Piano Teacher

« A graduate of the Suzuki method and convinced of its benefits, I founded in 2014 Allegro Pianissimo de Paris, a musical association which thinks about the happiness of all children, even those with disabilities such as autism, trisomy, dyslexia etc... The advantage of the method is that learning is based on the senses and not on the intellect. Those children who cannot go to school will be able to find in this way a form of joie de vivre. Those who live in so-called sensitive areas are not forgotten. It may be difficult to change one's habits as an adult, but in contact with a beauty of sound, with warm and efficient teachers, won't their children have a better future? Here is the mission of my association. »

Khadidja Bakki

Awakening coach

In 1999, following an emotional shock, Khadidja Bakki's life was turned upside down, as was her tangible reality. In contact with her "inner child" and during some striking dreamlike initiatory journeys, she finally became aware of a new orientation of her destiny. Confronted with cases of cancer in her close entourage, she naturally began to relieve and help people, some of whom were at the end of their lives. Thus, in 2003, "chance" led her to Professor David Machover's oncology department at Villejuif Hospital, where she could officially work as a beauty technician in the field of health and social. Her wellness treatments, including various methods such as her energetic treatments, were very well received by patients and caregivers, who were delighted to have access to such a life-saving wellness experience. Strengthened by this experience, she left the hospital of Villejuif invigorated and her destiny guided her towards the meetings that will allow her to establish her vocation as a therapeutic consultant in emotion management. The therapy, which brings together several tools, including the effectiveness of the Vibratory Energetic Care through the Speaking, can be done on the physical body as well as on the emotional and mental body.

Brigitte Massonnat

Professional Coach

You are going through a professional or personal transition, you are experiencing relational difficulties, you may be hypersensitive and are experiencing emotional ups and downs that are sometimes difficult to manage, you want to assert yourself, dare more and deploy yourself...? I offer you a space to experience other possibilities.

My practice is based on Gestalt*, artistic productions (clay, collages, pastels...) and body movements that allow to release mental representations, to develop sensory and emotional capacities and to inscribe transformations in depth.

Marion Stalens

Writer, director, photographer

In her documentaries, Marion Stalens personally explores social issues close to her heart: the condition of women, immigration, disability, Africa, freedom of expression, artistic creation.
"How can we live together when we are different? Is the question that runs through all of his work. Without complacency and without naivety, she looks for reasons for hope.

Juan Pablo Salazar

Artist and Leader

Juan Pablo Salazar is a member of the International Paralympic Committee. He has worked in Colombia and across the world for the integration into day-to-day life of people with limited abilities through his organization Arcangeles. His experiences and willpower show us how human beings can surpass themselves in all areas of their lives.

Anne Ray Wendling


Trained in numerology, Anne Ray Wendling uses her knowledge to help people move forward depending on the difficulty they find themselves in. This may be when making a professional or personal choice... the numbers inscribed in the birth charts reveal the character traits of each person and each destiny.