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Christian McManus

Christian McManus is a Franco-Chilean artist born in Santiago de Chile in 1965. After studying photography in his hometown at the FOTOFORUM school, he became a freelance photographer. Working mainly with graphic design agencies, he became a specialist in corporate photography, particularly portraiture. He collaborated with Capital magazine in Chile from the first issue until 2003. In 1997, he began his "Quartiers du monde" series, which took him to the four corners of the globe during the ten years it lasted. In 2003, he moved to Paris, where he has lived and worked ever since, combining his portraitist work for Harcourt with his personal research. He works with Marie-Claire (France) and Cosas (Chile).

In 2004, he began exhibiting his Quartiers du Monde series in France at photo festivals and associations, art fairs, and notably at Galerie Jamault, which has represented him in Paris since 2006. McManus has exhibited his work in Chile, France, the United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, Japan and China.